The 3rd VPL Biennale book (May 7-8, 2019)

The VPL Biennale ( is about Validation of Prior Learning -systematics for lifelong learning, working, and living. It’s about sharing experiences, information, knowledge, ideas and visions on VPL as an essential part of lifelong learning. And it is about the creative process of recognizing each other’s successes, problems and solutions in ‘the international VPL-community’.

After Rotterdam 2014 and Aarhus 2017, the 3rd VPL Biennale was hosted by the Bertelsmann Stiftung in Berlin, Germany, May 7-8, 2019. This Biennale aimed at strengthening the global platform for policy makers, practitioners, users, researchers and other stakeholders involved in the development and implementation of Validation of Prior Learning in learning and working processes.

This book displays the outcomes of the 3rd VPL Biennale on “Making Policy Work – Validation of Prior Learning for education and the labour market”. The following questions were discussed and presented in various papers:

  • How can bridges be built among stakeholders from the worlds of business, volunteering, and education in order for VPL results to have value?
  • What forms of financing have to be in place in order to make VPL accessible to all learners?
  • What kinds of procedures and instruments provide valid results and can cater for a large number of candidates?
  • What support structures have to be available in order to reach disadvantaged learners?
  • What follow-up measures are required for validation to facilitate further learning and enhanced career paths?
  • What issues need to be addressed by laws and regulations for VPL to be effective?

The VPL-Biennale concept was designed and initiated by the Foundation European Centre Valuation Prior Learning ( Its focus was and is on social inclusion for all in learning and working environments by developing VPL-approaches to link target groups with their best learning opportunities. 

3rd VPL Biennale book (2019) Berlin Declaration on VPL (2019) Duvekot & Doorlag on Dialogical Valdation