The CAMPLUS Manual and Glossary

Personal Resources Management for Migrants, Trainers, Guiders & Assessors

The CAMPLUS Manual and Glossary aim to support both migrants as well as trainers, guiders and assessors in getting grip on their Personal Resources Management (PRM). PRM is a methodology aimed at empowering people and activating and facilitating their ability to learn. PRM builds further on the recognition and validation of one’s prior learning experiences. Once one’s already existing value – acquired through prior formal, informal and non-formal learning experiences – has been articulated and linked to personal potential, then a person can take career steps that fit the personal profile and are provided in a personal action plan. This increases the chances of creating a successful career.

PRM is an activating strategy for learning to reflect on one’s actions and the choices one faces in practice and life by:

  • Supporting migrants in articulating their talents based on their prior learning experiences, in order to give them a real chance of career development in their new country.
  • Equipping the trainer to learn their trainees how to reflect and create (new) perspectives for their career and enjoyability.
  • Providing a guide and terminology for trainers, guiders and assessors to support and value trainees in their PRM.

The manual provides insight into the process of learning to reflect on one’s activities and learning experiences, and also on those of others to learn from. Different sets of exercises are presented to support migrants, trainers, guiders and assessors in such learning and capacitating. The manual is based on the principle of ‘practice what you preach’. That is, everyone involved in PRM starts at the beginning: creating their own PRM through the basic training at level 1. Once someone has mastered the basic level, someone can also choose to become a trainer, guider and assessor, with the accompanying certification. This means that a trainee can also learn further and acquire the levels of trainer, guider and assessor if her/his own PRM demonstrates potential for such a career choice.

e-book CAMPLUS manual – modules 1-7