VINCE, partnermeeting München, Oct. 9/10, 2017

While existing practice in Validation of Prior Learning (VPL) has strong potential to support the inclusion of newcomers in Europe, there is clearly a need for adaptation of the processes and procedures and training of validation staff to exploit this potential and implement the adaptations. For this purpose, the 2nd partner meeting focused on collecting good practices on national levels in Europe.

The 2nd partnermeeting of VINCE was dedicated to the workpackage that EC-VPL manages: the collection and analysis of (1)national policy concerning the implementation of VPL in the learning and working processes of higher education, labour market and third sector, specific target groups (jobseekers) and migrants & refugees procedures and (2) the collection of national practices of implementing VPL for migrants/refugees.

The state of the art is that the national policy-cases are described for more than 25 EU-countries and 1 practical case-study (women refugees in the Netherlands).