1st VPL Biennale 2014

VPL (or APL, APEL, RPL, PLAR, EVC, RPLO, VNIL, RVA) is crucial for empowering citizens to be more employable on the labour market, to be self-confiding in choosing for personalised learning programmes and/or for activating citizenship.


Crucial is the vision that it doesn’t matter what, where or how you learned or achived something; what really matters: are you aware of your learning results and of its value and can you prove it and use it for further learning, development or career-chances?
With the 1st Biennale on Validation of Prior Learning (VPL) we aim at creating a platform for policy makers, practitioners, users, researchers and all other stakeholders that are interested in further developing/implementing VPL in their practice.

The 1st VPL Biennale in 2014 was mainly about sharing information, knowledge, ideas and visions ánd about the creative process of learning from each others successes, problems and solutions. All forms for knowledge- and competence-exchange are offered: workshops, discussions, poster-sessions, a marketplace, keynotes, active on-line publishing, etc.