Valuing Learning (thesis 2016)

Valuing Learning is a dualistic concept, which concerns valuing the Learning  as well as learning the Valuing. Learning to value refers to being able to master the techniques and beliefs of valuing someone’s  formal, non-formal and informal learning experiences. However, the converse is also necessary, namely being able to value the learning of individuals irrespective of time, context and form in which the learning took shape and link these personified learning outcomes to outcomes that matter within learning and working systems. This is what the concept of Valuing Learning is about.
In the thesis (in Dutch!) on the linkage of Validation of Prior Learning and personalised learning’ this concept is explicated.

Apart from the summary, also an article can be downloaded. The article is an explanation of the concept of valuing learning and is based on the thesis.

Explaining Valuing Learning (pdf) Summary Valuing Learning, thesis 2016 (PDF)